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For press


Accreditation to the festival RespublicaFEST 2018 is open till 20th August 2018.

Please fill in the accreditation form:



Rules for press

Press access has a limited level.

Main Stage: fotopit front of the stage. Access to the stage is forbidden.

All other scenes: free access (in agreement with the press service of the festival and artist management).

Access to backstage, artist rooms and technical rooms is possible only by prior arrangement with the press service of the festival.

WARNING! On the main stage photographers have the rule of three songs. Photographers in fotopit of the main stage can shoot only three songs at the beginning of each performance. After the first three tracks photographers have to leave the fotopit.

Photos on stage with a flash is FORBIDDEN.

ACCREDITATION for the festival RespublicaFEST 2018

Accreditation for the festival requires the prior announcement of the festival RespublicaFEST 2018 in your mass media. Please, release at least THREE interesting and unique publications about festival 2018 (announcement, interview, advertisement). If you need some information for your publications, please, contact the Press service of the festival.

If you’d like to get accreditation, please, apply to the until 25 August 2018.

Information for national and local channels! Please, call or mail the chief of Press service to approve your accreditation.

Information for all Mass Media representatives! Accredited journalist must release the materials about the festival no later than 7 days after it. Reports about the festival must be submitted within 7-10 days after the end of the festival to

Publication of different posts about the festival must be released within 7 days after the last day of the festival. All accredited mass media must send the links to all published materials or the information (number, date of release) about it in press and provide the materials to the festival Press service via e-mail (links to the articles, audio or the scanned copies of the pages) and file-sharing systems. Accredited photographer must provide all the materials (photo, video) taken during the festival. Festival organizers have the right to publish this photo material with author credentials.

Rules of accreditation

Accreditation of printed and Internet sources: 2 people are allowed – journalist and photographer.

Accreditation of TV channels representatives: 3 people are allowed – shooting crew.

Accreditation of the radio representatives: 1 person

Accreditation of bloggers: 1 person

Accreditation of public networks: 1 person (more than 25 000 of readers, at least 20 interesting posts about the festival news).

Name tags for the mass media with accreditation will be given right before the festival at the registration point. All mass media representatives who obtained accreditation will receive an email with detailed information after August 25.

Press service of the festival RespublicaFEST

Head of the Press service – Tatiana Vlasova

+38 067 243 97 10.