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RespublicaFEST Conference & Showcase

One of the biggest music and street-art festivals in Ukraine RespublicaFEST organizes a big 2-days conference for musicians and art-managers. The event will take place under the codename “A window to Europe”, where everybody will be able to know how to break into this desirable community.

3-4 February 2018 in a heart of Kyiv at Podil will take place RespublicaFEST Conference – international 2-days event for the music industry specialists, devoted to the topics of European promo, settling partnership relations and experience exchange between European and Ukrainian colleagues.
The speakers will talk on the following topics:
• How to build up the European tour;
• How to attract the booking agencies to work with musicians and what opportunities it provides;
• What are the possibilities of the music exchange between countries and what exact European programs can help with it;
• What is the licensing and how to sell own music into films and commercials with the most favourable conditions and many more.

Guests from Sweden, Hungary, Switzerland, Ukrainian specialists and the best music cases.

Educational day part will take place in a format of discussion panels and free communication of all participants. The evening program will include performances by young Ukrainian artists who will compete for the opportunity to perform on the big stage of the RespublicaFEST in the fall of 2018. Most importantly: the winners will be chosen not by a respectable jury, but by the audience through voting with their entrance tickets. The unbiased voice of the people and the ability to influence the formation of the festival program. It’s your choice 😉

The event is supported by Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine, Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine, Staro Hotel.

Musicians can apply here.

The full program will be published in the official event of the Conference.

Language of the event: Ukrainian, Russian, English without additional translation.

When: 3-4 February 2018
Where: art-club «Teplyi Lampovyy» (Glybochytska Str 72, Kyiv)
Tickets: buy here

Day program starts each day at 2 pm
Concert program starts each day at 7 pm