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RespublicaFEST organizes “Transmission” project

Then the whole journey starts with one single song…

Respublica FEST (UA, organized by NGO “Territory”) in cooperation with Popfabryk (NL) organize the international travelling residency across the whole Europe named Transmission. It starts at the international music festival RespublicaFEST in Khmelnytsky, Ukraine with the exclusive tandem performance of the musicians, after it will go along Poland, Germany and the Netherlands, finishing in Leeuwarden, the European Capital of Culture 2018.

This unforgettable trip will unite the international cooperation of creative individuals from two partner countries: Ukraine and the Netherlands, where journalists, musicians and filmmakers, who will meet all together for this project for the first time in their lives.

RespublicaFEST invited a wide-known singer-songwriter Sasha Boole to participate in this project because of his unique melodies and bright stories, which already have a big prominence in his region. The Dutch part will be represented by YVI (Diederick Brandsma), whose melancholic songs have already obtained a significant fame and he was already named as ‘the best singer-songwriter of the Northern Netherlands’.

The project participants with travel together, communicate with the local communities on their way, together work on the music program and film the documentary about this adventure. The biggest question, which will be raised to everybody is “are we really so divergent living in different countries far away from each other”? Or the music and openness can become the unified language, which can connect the whole continent?

The answer to this question we will get after the project’s end.

The project is being organized by RespublicaFEST and Popfabryk with the support of Tandem Fryslân program.

Their mutual exclusive concert will take place on the 1st of September at RespublicaFEST.

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You can track the progress of this project in this event.