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RespublicaFEST organized the international project for singer-songwriters

The festival RespublicaFEST (organized by the NGO “Territory”), in cooperation with the Dutch partner Popfabryk, organized an international residence across Europe called “Transmission”. The trip started at the International Music Festival RespublicaFEST in Khmelnytsky, Ukraine on September 2, 2018, then went through the territory of Poland, Germany and the Netherlands, finishing in the European Capital of Culture 2018 – the city of Leeuwarden.

The main goal of the project was to connect completely different and opposite sides of Europe: the Netherlands and Ukraine. The organizers sought to find the answer to the question, are we really so different, living in such distant countries from each other?

In order to get the answer to this question, the partners’ organizations organized the travelling residency with 2 singer-songwriters from two countries (Sasha Boole from Ukraine and YVI from the Netherlands), as well as two filmmakers (Olexander Kohan from Ukraine and Jan Martien Dekker from the Netherlands). Together they travelled along the whole of Europe, working together on shared material and shared experiences. At the final point of the project, the musicians played a concert, visited the national television with their acoustic sets and recorded a new song they created together during the trip.

On its way from Khmelnitsky (Ukraine), the team stopped in Lviv, Wroclaw (Poland), Leipzig (Germany) and Leeuwarden (the Netherlands). The project team from the first day found a common language, worked productively together, supported each other and sincerely enjoyed the atmosphere of cooperation. At the same time, there were some problems and tensions on their way: not all partner organizations made enough promo for the concerts during this residency or even vice versa: they did unacceptable things that the organizers sought to avoid at the planning stage of the project. All details of the trip will be shown in the documentary about this trip. The premiere of the film is scheduled for the fall of 2018.

Did we get the answer to our question, which was raised before the start of the project? Seems like yes: at the personal level, we are pretty much the same and we can work together without a problem. When it comes to larger local communities or political level, here where the problems start.

Dutch press about the project.

The project is organized by RespublicaFEST and Popfabryk with the support of the program Tandem Fryslân.

Photo by: Denise Amber Photography